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The Devil Made Me Do It

Lapsed Catholic. Full-time Homo. Gossip Queen. Gonna save your day.

24 July
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I'm fiercely loyal, an incurable romantic, pretty goofy and always looking to laugh.
(and not doing stuff), (as humanly possible), (as much as possible!), (for my first album), (including cat wrangling), (kylie and her madgesty), (until i fall over), (watchmen/history of violence), 28 days later, 80's new wave, amy winehouse, and mr. norrell, and of course, any graphic novels, barbarella, battle royale, beautiful thing, blondie, bossanova, brain aneurysms:), brokeback mountain, but most importantly, causing a ruckus, chemical brothers, closer, comics, contemplating more tattoos, courtney love, crouching tiger hidden dragon, doing stuff, drinking champagne, dude where's my car?, eating pizza-man, electro, erik satie, fight club, general animal husbandry, getting my groove on, groovy t-shirts, hand holding, his dark materials trilogy, hole, homodachi, in cold blood, japanese story, johnny cash, jonathan strange, karaoke, kissing boys, laughing, lily allen, looking at stuff, lost in translation, m.i.a., making mischief, manga drawing (badly), mark ronson, mash-ups, minoan archaeology, mulholland drive, mylo, neneh cherry, new order, night watch, notes on a scandal, pixies, playing beattie bow, playing dress-ups, practicing krav maga, procrastinating, ring/ringu, robyn, running with scissors, scissor sisters, secret life of cats, sin city, smashing pumpkins, spun, staying at home, stitch, tarot reading, tegan & sara, the autobiography of red, the band:), the crying game, the gossip, the graduate, the party, the prestige, the usual fag stuff, the virgin suicides, trainspotting, trance/house circa '99-'02, travelling, trying to be zen, trying to grow taller, victorian england, writing songs