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Going In For The Kill

so, dear blog, i find myself once again neglecting you in ways that should have the RSPCA/PeTA/Amnesty International up in arms. but before you go sulking off in the corner (and don't you even THINK of turning your back on me, mister!) just remember the joy you get from my monthly visits. all the things i have to fill you in on. hearing how my life goes from strength to strength...and happy to happier. go on admit it. you love me and cannot live without my (admittedly fickle) love. right? right?? come here and nuzzle against daddy's chest while he tells you a bedtime story...he promises to spend more time with you and throw you more bones (lord knows he has enough of THOSE to go round...nyuk, nyuk, nyuk. ;)

so this story begins about, oooh a month ago....

oh, wait. let's backtrack a little...Papa forget to tell you, but he was elected to SUPRA at university in March. SUPRA is Sydney University Postgraduate Representative Association...basically the the student council for post-grads. (Remember all those student councils he was on since way back in primary school? yes? it's very similar. except people get cross more.) so daddy's been so very happy to get political again (remember those 7 years we spent in Japan? how everyone was apathetic. and robotic. and apolitical. and unions didn't exist. well, we're back in the real world now.) anyway, dad has been diligent and attending all the council meetings and building himself a profile and very much enjoying having a say (yes, after a loooong time in the wilderness he has re-discovered his voice. it's very hoarse from disuse but it's coming back...with a vengeance. yes, just like John McClane...no, sweetie...not John McCain [Jesus wept] but McClane...like from the Die Hard fillums!) so he found himself getting elected as the Activities Committee Co-Convenor, responsible for planning EVERY event that SUPRA holds, plus outreach to all the SUPRA members. awesome! bringing it back to the people! so there were rumblings that the Queer Equity Officer was wanting to step down for the upcoming council term...and quite a few people thought daddy should throw his hat in the ring. well, he thought about it and thought "hey, i'm queer! hey, i have experience fighting for queer rights! hey, i can string some sentences together in an intelligent way! i'm gonna do it!" and you know what? last Friday he did it! he ran against two other very lovely, worthy opponents and somehow what daddy had to say struck a nerve and he was elected. get in, as they say!
so now daddy finds himself with a lot on his plate and a lot that he wants to implement and a lot that he wants to achieve...and he can't wait! he's veritably champing at the bit (grrrrrrowwwllll!!!!) he is gonna be fierce, make NO mistake!
oh, and by the by, papa is dating a lovely boy. he met him at Mardi Gras (they marched in the same float! 1.2.3...awwwwwwwww!) and things are going slowly but surely. the boy is very cute, and loves movies and music as much as your daddy does. in fact daddy's iTunes is bursting at the seams! they are having old fashioned dates and being very gooey around each other. (on that note, here is a message for said boy... אתה מדהים)
and so, for now, daddy's story is coming to an end...you're getting sleepy and it's time to put you to bed, tiger.
next story will be about our friend Etty Ting Ting (you remember her...she looks vaguely like Daddy except she wears a dress and gorgeous make-up and is FEROSH!) and her trip to the Sydney Opera House with Ms. Kinder Sarprise. they attended a fabulous ball, don't you know! and had their photograph taken many times! but that is for next time.
now off to bed, you little scamp!
sweet dreams, darling.

The Devil kissing your forehead.