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*ahem* Do I know you?!?

So, yes darling blog you may just be asking that question in the title. I am an awful blog owner and am quite likely to lose you to protective services sometime soon...but until that sad,sad day you are ALL mine!! bwahahahaha!

So, sezzly (thank you Cameron for infecting my vocab) it has been a long time. Tons has happened as per usual, and rather than re-hash crap that has passed i shall make a list (proactive, she wrote!) of all the things i am thankful for right now (yes, it's very Oprah, but fuck off!)

1) i love my job. it pays crap, but i feel like i'm actually doing good in the world...well, in the University of Sydney world, anyways. i love that i have landed in student politics (again!) and that i play such an active role in the welfare of postgrads on campus (for those of you i haven't told...i am Secretary/Queer Equity Officer for SUPRA...Sydney Postgraduate Representative Association) i have the most awesome friends/colleagues and i am in love with the Sydney Uni campus. it's historic (in parts) and some of the architecture is breathtaking (geeeeeeeeeeek!) and i love that it takes me 10 minutes to walk to campus...
...which brings me to...
2) i love my (new-ish) house. it's modern and has the most awesome balcony. plus the block, and therefore the house, is shaped like an isosceles triangle. for reals! it's literally stunning and has weird angles and i am in love. it's a 5 minute walk to Newtown (where ALL the cool kids hang out, don'tcha know) and a 10 minute walk to uni. public transport...be gone! *heart
3) i love that i just feel happy for absolutely no reason these days. i am finally settling in to Sydney and it feels like home.
4) i am becoming more content by the day (and contentment is a VERY underrated feeling in our society, says i) it isn't for any particular reason either. i am simply happy to be alive. i spent the majority of yesterday catching some sun on my balcony and watching birds way, way up high just drifting around on air currents. not really going anywhere. but just letting the current take them wherever. it was moving and beautiful. and it made me unspeakably happy. : )
5) i am on the cusp of something great. (it has nothing to do with anyone else. it's all me.)
6) i love my bed. i have my old bed back...from over 10 years ago. it's wooden and heavy and gives me the best night's sleep. if there ever were a remake of "Bedknobs and Broomsticks" it would have a starring role. it is massive and has thousands of pillows and is just heaven. and i'm sure if i willed it enough it WOULD fly : )
7) i am practicing reiki again. i kinda forgot i could do it. it's nice to be reminded that i can.
8) i love second chances at things. and redemption. and realising that it doesn't matter what others think about me, all that matters is what i think. and that being comfortable with myself is so freeing.

and so, that brings this episode of Oprah to a close. tune in next time for salacious revelations! (i know that's all you really wanna hear...)

The Devil with a knowing smile