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I dreamt about this song last night...and it's appropriate for a few things that are happening in my love life...well, not love life exactly. this is about one of my beloveds ('beloveds' are people that have entered my life at various times. some are family, some have been romantic, some have been friendships, some have elements of both, some aren't human. the list is quite small and very exclusive. there are people that i had relationships with for years that will never make the list, and there are some that i have known for a relatively short time that make the cut without question. beloveds have each in their own way irrevocably changed my life for the better. i love them all without measure. the ones who still exist on this plane make me joyously happy when i see them; the ones who have passed over have the same effect when i remember them. i will never divulge who is a beloved and who isn't. it's for me and me only...and i would hate to offend any one.)

one of my beloveds has moved on (you may interpret that how you wish) and i am extremely happy for them. not that it was needed, but i approve. i guess that i am a little wistful for what things might have been if not for the tyranny of geography and logic. (and a very fatalistic...and therefore over-simplistic...part of me tells me that things have unfolded the way they should. my journey is leading me elsewhere. to my own place of belonging.)

so back to the beginning. i dreamt about this song last night. it was for a particular reason. the part in parentheses in the title played on loop over and over in my dream. it was about a beloved. i love them with every fibre of my being.

they know who they are.

The Devil reminiscing.